Karani Nyamu’s Verve helps counties to optimize IT


Karani Nyamu’s Verve ltd have been instrumental in the roll out of Oracle Plan to budget system. This has been a key aspect of proper public resources management and conservation. It is also a huge factor in the advancement of financial integrity and growth in Kenya.

So far many counties have been granted the capacity to budget properly and assign resources in line with the country development charters and growth plans. Karani Nyamu’s Verve Ltd has employed more than 65 talented young men and women who have been key in the roll out of these programs.

Most of them have been at the forefront during the partnerships between Verve and other industry stakeholders. They have also spearheaded the projects that Karani Nyamu’s Verve Ltd has been contracted by various firms across four industries mainly in telecommunication, insurance and the public sector

Karani Nyamu’s Verve New Innovations

most counties that have worked alongside the experts at Verve Ltd in this roll out have recorded better financial management compliance as well as effective resource mobilization, allocation and use.


Currently the pioneers of Karani Nyamu’s Verve are involved in various research and market consulting initiatives both within and outside the country, with a view of benchmarking on the best financial information management systems.

Their passion has always been to create a convergence between resource allocation and information technology. In the light of this, Verve under the headship of Mr. Karani has won the gold standard in the Oracle accreditation; a prestigious feat. This is remarkable in that it has put the company at the same level with major firms and notable global institutions in the field some of whom have far more years and experience in the industry.

Karani Nyamu’s Verve

Karani Nyamu’s Verve

There is no doubt that Karani Nyamu’s Verve is among the firms who have provided the biggest framework for the execution of the statutes of the new constitution.

Current Opportunities                                                                                                         

  The goals of vision 2030 especially as they appertain to resources and technological development is what has opened up the partnerships between Verve KO ltd and county governments as well as parastatals. For a country that has such a huge and advanced mobile telephony platforms, Kenya has had a surprisingly huge but not commensurate growth in management information systems.

Mr. Luke Ouko who runs parallel research initiatives in Tokyo and in the USA is the technical director of the company. Together with Mr. Karani they have combined the skill in marketing consulting and information systems to roll out technical support platforms for nearly 20 major firms over the past few years.

Even then, the partnership with the country government remains to be the more varied and consequential that they have handled. The partnership has the capacity to integrate huge areas of the country that had otherwise been maligned and omitted into the Vision 2030 development agenda.