The term consultant is thrown around all too often. It is not everyone who bears the term who has the skills and abilities to execute proper and profitable consulting work.According to the CEO of Verveko, karani nyamu the business consultant, consultancy is a skill-based function that demands certain requisite skills from the person who seeks to undertake the profession. These are the key skills and competencies that marks one out as a good consultant.

Long Term Planner

karani nyamu the business consultant

karani nyamu the business consultant

While most goals of consulting end to fall in the short and medium term paradigm, a good consultant is one who is able to anticipate the long terms effects of the policies and plans laid out. karani nyamu the business consultant believes that The ability to forecast the most likely outcomes of a procedure or process helps to decide whether they positively or negatively offset the cost of carrying out the policy or process. He should be able to craft a method by which to gauge the long term effects and viability of his own policy recommendations.

karani nyamu the business consultant

We live in such an integrated economy and society where the variables in one field have indirect and often times direct effects on policy and variables in other fields. Think about business and politics, weather and airlines, electoral cycle and stock market. An excellent consultant is one who is able to weigh the effects of different disciplines on the plans he has laid out, as well as the effects of the policy on the disciplines. Failure to anticipate the contagion effect could easily weaken or destroy an otherwise well-articulated consulting work or processes says karani nyamu the business consultant.

Problem Solving Skills                                                                           

At the heart of a successful consulting process is the ability to execute timely and well-coordinated plans to reach the anticipated outcomes. These outcomes could be more efficient departments, great and workable policies or increased profits. A proper consultant is one who is able to make judgments with a leadership bias and provide metrics that indicate progress and success or failure.

Persuasive and Articulate Speaker.

Ultimately all consulting work boils down to handling people, whether it is the employees, clients or external stakeholders. Since human resource is the greatest and most impacted asset by consulting outcomes, the ability to be successful in a consulting process boils down to having excellent people skills. Most of the times your job as a consultant is to get people to take up recommendations that most often they would rather not says karani nyamu the business consultant.


Consulting work is greatly misunderstood. Most of the time your clients won’t even know why they should hire you in the first place. It also happens often that clients will hire you for consulting and have you come up with an exceptional recommendation only for them to shelve it. Being a consultant means having the patience and inner strength to deal with ridiculous demands, unresponsive clients and impossible demands. It also means communicating often times hard recommendations and advice to uninformed clients says karani nyamu the business consultant.