karani nyamu says knowledge management always pays handsomely in reduced redundancies, heightened productivity, quality and increased output. karani nyamu says knowledge management that even then few companies are able to derive this type of advantages from management initiatives.

karani nyamu says knowledge management is more than an issue of actionable information, it is also about the quality of staffing and company culture.For it to be successful, you have to understand your business needs, as well as the market realities.

Implement in phases.Very few people are pioneers and early adopters of technological solutions. No matter how beneficial and effective a solution is, it requires you to introduce it gently as your staff assimilate it into the greater company culture. It pays to break down the execution into manageable phases. karani nyamu says knowledge management helps you to monitor the absorption as well as the quirks that come with relying on a new form of management.

karani nyamu says knowledge management is important

For a successful implementation of knowledge management you need to decide on the metrics that will define your success. Is your goal, cost reduction, lesser workload or increased revenue or a mix of all three? With a clearly defined metric it is easy to tell whether the  management implementation is yielding the needed results. karani nyamu says knowledge management  is measurable and tractable throughout the process.

karani nyamu says knowledge management

karani nyamu says knowledge management is important

III. Analyse knowledge.With truckloads of knowledge to work with, it is prudent to figure out beforehand what constitutes the most relevant and actionable information. Project specific information should be directed to the particular groups that need it, while the more generalized knowledge can be distributed across departments in the entire firms asynchronously.

Get Managerial Endorsement.  karani nyamu says knowledge management tends to flip an organization in many ways. It tends to introduce new practices, kill off old ones and even alter job descriptions. These kinds of changes are best driven by the leaders at the top who have a greater buy-in from the junior officers particularly those who will be affected. The ideal endorser of a management initiative should be the person for whom the bottom line is driving the initiative. A product management should be driven by the product management team.

Incentive the Program.Most companies fail to grasp the power of motivation on employee performances. karani nyamu says knowledge management ought to be accompanied by financial and reputation rewards for the staff involved. Building a culture of knowledge sharing will most often enable employees to efficiently execute management aspects of a firm. The culture of hoarding information for the sake of job security greatly diminishes the ability to successfully execute knowledge management in an organization. Let your workers know that sharing is not only caring, it also pays!