Integrated supply chain management is the flow of goods or services including storage, in-process inventory, storage of raw and intermediary materials and consumption. As karani nyamu picks to Supply Chain management,he says that it will enable you to track the steps from the supplier to producer to wholesaler all the way to the client/consumer.

In developing nations like Kenya, most of these supply chain solutions flows in three different flows i.e. the financial flow, the product flow and the finances flow. As karani nyamu picks to Supply Chain management, he  advice’s that the best software solutions for supply chain management should deliver real-time benefits to you as a practitioner.

karani nyamu picks to Supply Chain management

It Boosts Cooperation

As karani nyamu picks to Supply Chain management  he advises that Well managed supply chain software solutions enables you to track how your suppliers and stockists are running the distribution process. It gives you a quick time analysis and trends into the movement of goods and inventory management of everyone within your supply chain. You are able to ask, inquire, clarify or alter the inventory scales at any point in the distribution chain. The power a good ISC software gives you is immense.

karani nyamu picks to Supply Chain management

karani nyamu picks to Supply Chain management

Cost Cutting Measure There are five major ways in which a supply chain solution reduces the costs involved in manufacturing and handling inventory.1) It integrates all aspects of inventory management into one multifaceted system. 2) It adjusts the storage spaces and computes the needed spaces for each inventory. 3) It strengthens your relationship with your suppliers and stockists 4) It generates the kind of data you need for proper decision making and 5) It eliminates redundancies and inefficiencies.

It raises your profits margins. As karani nyamu picks to Supply Chain management he says that  Your best shot at operating on optimal inventory management and supply is to use an integrated supply chain solutions. By having a proper supply chain software solutions you are able to know the most efficient inventory levels for each markets and at what times of the year. It is the most realistic element to use in meeting the demand. The losses and gaps in inventory management are easily identified and eliminated by analysing the data in the integrated systems.

It Eliminates Time Gaps. We leave in a day and age where customers want the products and want it now. When you have proper and top notch supply chain management systems it is easy and possible for you to avail your products to clients in real time without having to endure or encounter delays and lapses. It also makes it able to put timelines to your delivery plans for clients. As karani nyamu picks to Supply Chain management he advises that the centralized distribution strategy of SCM makes it possible to track the position of inventory at any one point and anticipate their delivery or delays pretty accurately.

It Utilizes Process management. When you have many variables that go into supply chain management an SCM software solutions manages all those functions on one platform. It enables you to manage all the steps involved in the stocking, record management, distribution, monitoring demand and a dozen other inventory control factors. It equips you with the tools needed to have a say in just about every function along the inventory process.