karani nyamu on cyber security challenges

karani nyamu on cyber security challenges According to IT expert Luke Ouko, the scope of cybersecurity extends to, understanding cyber threats, online infrastructure and the recurrent threats, the ethics of cyber threats, security of e-banking platforms, security training and consultancy.

Every year thousands of firms lose priceless data and billions of dollars’ worth business knowledge to hackers. A lot of critical systems and electronic infrastructure with sensitive data are often very vulnerable to attacks. Mr. Ouko cites these trends as the biggest developments in cybersecurity in 2016.

Weaponization of Android and Apple Apps    

 karani nyamu on cyber security challenges

karani nyamu on cyber security challenges

 karani nyamu on cyber security challenges There are many noticeable vulnerabilities in the android platforms. Many of them are not that easy to fix. We are more likely to see the number of apps that are weaponized in both Android and Apple platforms increasing. The Apple store has already been hit severally though the extent of the damage and disruption wasn’t as significant. This is bound to continue into the New Year.

karani nyamu on cyber security challenges Rise in Commercial Malware                                                                                      

karani nyamu on cyber security challenges The developers of these commercial malware will continue to invest heavily in their craft. They are well resourced and motivated to their ends. Most of them have the portfolio similar to those of government and military developers. While 96% of malware is targeted at android platforms the iOS cannot afford to be complacent.

Greater Cyber-coordination                                                                                               karani nyamu on cyber security challenges There is bound to be more robust information sharing and partnerships between hackers and the stakeholders of the cyber security industry. For the longest time there has never been a clear integration of efforts between the many players in the industry. The bad guys will see their days numbered. With a greater convergence in workflow automation and efforts to curb redundancies in cyber security fortification, the loopholes exploited by scammers and hackers will be sealed.

karani nyamu on cyber security challenges Data Security Management.                                                         karani nyamu on cyber security challenges More countries are enacting legislation that will force firms that deal with personal data to strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities. Banks, credit card companies and government agencies will be required to show proof of their ability to secure personal data that they demand from their clients, personnel and customers. The fines on these firms will also hit the roof with breach of personal data inviting even greater scrutiny from the security agencies.

The Rise of Ransomware                                                                                            karani nyamu on cyber security challenges This is a feature in which a hacker locks up user data and demand ransom in exchange for the password access to the hostage data. This is one of the most difficult aspects of cybersecurity threats. It also raises the risk of public exposure of privileged information when their demands are not met.

Already there are a number of websites that have been held hostage by hackers for a fee. Overall the challenges to cybersecurity are elusive, difficult and costly yet most of them are surmountable and easy to plug and defeat that’s karani nyamu on cyber security challenges.