Karani Nyamu consultants on Technology Changes in Africa

Africa may account for a very small percentage of the global tech innovation and usage but it’s definitely the fastest growing region in technology use. From appliances to virtual reality, drones to information management systems change is happening across the board. Karani Nyamu consultants believe that there are a few technological changes that are at the fore front in this revolution in the continent.

Karani Nyamu consultants a leading marketing consultant believes that, Africa is the new frontier in evolution of technology. Africa isn’t just adopting technology it is also churning out a few innovations of its own. In some instances the continent has led to the restructuring of current technology to suit it business and social landscape.

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics: From radiation in medical technology to automations in research, manufacturing and surveillance the artificial intelligence market is growing. The Africa Robotics Network  is among the leading drivers of this transformation through research grants. This is best demonstrated in the handling of humanitarian situations in the Congo to the Ebola crisis in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Robotics have taken on a new sense of importance in the continent and the need is growing.

Karani Nyamu consultants on Technology

Karani Nyamu consultants on Technology

Space Exploration: Space technology is not new in Africa. The Italians and later the US have run a space launch platform and a space exploration centre on the Kenyan coast since the early 1960s. There is also the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) astronomy project in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. Karani Nyamu consultants say that what makes Africa to be of strategic value for space exploration is the location at the equator. There is also the availability of lots of land for setting up the space exploration infrastructure.

Tech spaces & Tech Hubs: From iHub and Nailab in Nairobi to the Tshimologong Precinct in Wits University in Johannesburg, Africa has seen the growth of tech-incubation sites. The major technology giants Microsoft, Goole, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Apple Inc. all have partnerships and hubs that they run in conjunction with local entrepreneurs to spur innovation.

Karani Nyamu consultants on Smartphones & Tablets:

With the increasing production of affordable smartphones from China the African market for smartphones continue to grow.  According to Karani Nyamu consultants the price of smartphones in Africa starts from as low as $100. An estimated shipment of about 70-100 million smartphones is expected as of the end of 2016.

Wi-Fi Technology.

 According to Karani Nyamu consultants Africa has surpassed the estimated Wi-Fi per person ratio predicted by iPass, an American Wi-Fi provider. The estimate of one Wi-Fi per every 400 person looks set to be broken way before the predicted dates in 2018. Already Kenya has nearly 100 million tweets geolocated as of 2015 and a huge internet population. The continent continues to defy the conservative tech predictions across board. Even though the distributions are not even across the continent the development of portable Wi-Fi has taken the continent by storm.