One of the key development and case study project for karani nyamu and Verve KO an imaging and business process outsourcing firm was dealing with one of the largest mobile technology firms in Kenya. In a partnership that sought o enhance the service delivery of the firm Verve undertook a project of data imaging on behalf of the client and helped him in business regulations.

karani nyamu and Verve KO

karani nyamu and Verve KO

During the process karani nyamu and Verve KO experts’ teams verified, scanned and stored the content for this client. The team also indexed the data and shredded the hard copies in line with data security procedure and considerations. The teams set up algorithms that captured the required parameters as stipulated by the communications authority. The program in question dealt with the registration of client data for its subscribers.

Benefits of The Data Mining Drive  by  karani nyamu and Verve KO                                                                                  

Through karani nyamu and Verve KO the client was able to comply with the regulators and the legal requirements.

Secondly the business ended up with a complete and verified data bank of all its clients, which comes in handy in both advertising, research and security related initiatives.

Thirdly there was a derived secondary benefits including ability to mine the data, the capacity to categorize their clients and map out the regional distribution including gender and age sets.It also availed to them the tools needed to tailor their services for specific clients as well as market their new services effectively.

Other Partnerships

Besides the telecommunication firm karani nyamu and Verve KO have worked alongside one of the biggest American universities, a European art gallery, an east African chain of hotels and of late one of the key ministries involved in the implementation of the constitutional reforms in Kenya.

karni nyamu and Verve KO has increasingly grown its partnerships including working on an imaging service for a partnership between one of the largest medical research facilities and one of the United Nations agencies working in Kenya. In the partnership karani nyamu and Verve KO provided the Technical support with a view of improving and sustain a short term technical assistance for their field and office teams.

As a business process outsourcing firms they have advice and provided the necessary expertise needed to simply the accounting records of a top tier firms in the hospitality industry. Currently karani nyamu and Verve KO  manage the technical support for a leading insurance firm that has tentacles throughout the country.

karani nyamu and Verve KO has also rolled out technical support training and assistance for the county governments an initiative that has since seen many of its employees hold training workshops for stakeholders and interest groups at the county levels.