According to Karani Nyamu, a market consultant one of the key features of modern markets is shortened product cycles prompted by fats innovations good corporate communication and research. In the light of this every firm has to think beforehand on how they are going to stay relevant and generate sales.

There are many social media platforms that empower to reach your potential clients, stakeholders and consumers easily. LinkedIn pulse blogs is one of those platforms that exposes your firm to an immensely huge pool of professionals, across industries. Karani Nyamu, a market consultant believes that given its numbers, nature and type of subscribers, LinkedIn is both a potential market and a haven for recruiting.

It Increases Visibility

Posting on LinkedIn pages exposes your work to millions of LinkedIn members worldwide. It also grants you the opportunity to build your SEO optimization by linking your blog contents to other social media platforms. It gets even better, the LinkedIn editors tend to highlight the best content from the LinkedIn ecosystem for all to see particularly on their twitter page.

Karani Nyamu, a market consultant

When you step to consistently produce and provide proper, well researched information that is timely, actionable and industry specific you become a powerful voice in your field. Your brand in turn becomes believable and endearing to your followers. This content sets your firm as the go-to team on industry related matters. according to Karani Nyamu, a market consultant ,great content boosts interactivity,good corporate communication and accumulates social capital. It generates a sizable level of brand association for you.

Karani Nyamu, a market consultant

Karani Nyamu, a market consultant

It Has a Built-In Pool

LinkedIn in and of itself attracts a pool of bright professionals from all fields who are passionate about disseminating knowledge. By entering into the world of LinkedIn blogs you are dealing with a sifted and interested group. This saves you the time and effort needed to build your own pool of followers. For a number of years LinkedIn content creation was the preserve of a few big names but for the past two years it has since been opened up to anyone who is interested in building up new corporate communication and content says Karani Nyamu, a market consultant .

You attract The Best Talent Pool says Karani Nyamu, a market consultant  

LinkedIn like any other social media platform is a two way street. You are able to give and receive feedback in real time. The most optimal way of going about LinkedIn is to attract the best and the brightest by creating relevant interactions. When your content is interesting and refreshing you are likely to draw in some of the best minds in corporate communication. On the other hand it is easy to figure some of the best brains by the kind of interactions that they generate and the passion they have for industry related issues and concerns.

Makes you A Thought Leader                                                                               

Unlike other social media sites LinkedIn is specially suited for professional connections. So, when your firms positions itself by creating and sharing professional tit bits and on key industry issues then you become respectable. You will always have the last word when it comes to issues shaping or affecting the industry says Karani Nyamu, a market consultant .

It cannot be overemphasized how vital it is for a company to share expert knowledge and join in on important conversations in its market says Karani Nyamu, a market consultant . LinkedIn blogs will always be that unique platform for articulating your brand knowledge and content.