karani nyamu

Karani Nyamu is the chief executive at Verve KO Kenya Ltd, a data processing, business automaton and consulting firm based in Nairobi.

He is the holder of a Bachelor of Commerce graduate of University of Nairobi. Mr. Nyamu has had extensive experience working in data imaging and curating systems most notably for one of Africas largest telecommunication network.

He has many years’ experience running his own successful marketing business with operations in over six industries across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

about karani nyamu

karani nyamu

Previously Mr. Karani Nyamu worked as a Marketing Consultant on Marketing Innovations for one of the FCMG beverage companies in Mauritius and Rwanda.

karani nyamu is passionate about IT

Before that he had worked at one of the fast rising local banks that caters to the needs of corporate clients.Mr. Karani’s passion is developing ways of preserving and effectively delivering Development resource Materials.

He has done extensive research on areas such as: Low cost, easy to use and adaptable documentation systems for institutional resources. karani is a partner at verve.ko a company that specializes in Solutions, Outsourcing, and Consulting.He helps companies save time and money as well as increase operating efficiency by automating business processes leading to  efficient management of documents and replacing or augmenting processes. karani is passionate about Verve and he believes that verve’s  culture is one that encourages staff to innovate, to excel and to get involved in all aspects of company operations.

karani nyamu says that for the companies to save time and money and increase operating efficiency by automating business processes, efficiently managing workflow and replacing, augmenting, supporting or outsourcing processes is important .